chipsynth PortaFM SONGS

by ToyCompany



To celebrate the launch of the amazing Plogue PortaFM vintage synthesizer plugin, we present you:
chipsynth portaFM SONGS

All of these tracks not only use chipsynth PortaFM, but often chipsounds, chipspeech and chipcrusher!

More info on chipsynth PortaFM at


released May 16, 2018

Funds raised will support our activites.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



ToyCompany Montreal, Québec

Toy Company is a series of 8bit/lo-fi techno music parties happening in Montreal organised by a few artists of the local chiptune scene.

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Track Name: IMLXH - Moonlight in VHS
You remember where we were, babe
Late up past the stroke of midnight
While the city was asleep, hey
Singing, dancing in the moonlight

Friday night, and the glare of the streetlights
That shine down on the lot below
Left your job, cause it just didn't feel right
You realized that long ago
And while you're driving down through the town with your brights on
You turn on the radio
And the sound of the band getting down
Takes you just where you need to go

Five o'clock, and the beat is still going
The night that I danced with you
Kept the groove till the light of the morning
And day began anew
And all night, at the edge of the city we danced
In a slow-motion video
Till the sun cast its shadows at last
And you told me, "I need to go"

It's in your head now
Oscillates your shoulders
Modulates your hips
And flows down through your knees and toes
Until your body's rocking
And can't think of stopping
Like a tape rewinding
To a better time

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